Cyber Security Challenge

Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Description: Teams of up to four students will work collaboratively to evaluate a simulated network. The Teams will be discovering services running on the network while they simulate the base work of a Cybersecurity Red Team event. They will be answering questions based on the systems they will be identifying within the allotted time.

Format: A red team imitates real-world attacks that can hit a company or an organization, and they perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use. By assuming the role of an attacker, they show organizations what could be backdoors or exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a threat to their cybersecurity. These events always start with System Identification being performed.

Each team will have a laptop provided connected to a VM Network. Working as a team they will probe the network looking for systems and services running that may be of interest for a Red Team. Each team will be given multiple challenges having a different point value based on difficulty. All questions will be based on a quick overview and the lessons from Hacker Highschool developed by ISECOM –