Cyber Security Challenge

Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Description: Teams of up to four students will work collaboratively to evaluate a simulated network. The Teams will be discovering services running on the network while they simulate the base work of a Cybersecurity Red Team event. They will be answering questions based on the systems they will be identifying within the allotted time.

Phishing awareness shows you how to spot and report suspected phishing attempts, to protect yourself and your company from cybercriminals, hackers, and other bad actors who want to disrupt and steal from your organization.  This Event will give you 12 Emails that may or may not be Phishing, are you able to spot them and identify what made them suspicious.  Are you capable in identifying if an Email has come from a legitimate source?  Want to brush up on some information that might help you this year?  Below are some training and information that might just help you.



SANS Security Awareness: Email and Phishing -

Phishing 101 - An Introduction to Phishing Awareness and Prevention -

Check if your Gmail message is authenticated

How to Get Email Headers

Email Header Analyzer

Ethical Hacking 4 - Identify Fake Email by using email header and IP location -