Hello Volunteers!


If you aren't a volunteer these links might help you out (or if you're just a curious person):


Here's what you need to know.

TechFest was set up to help students in high school get a taste of the technical world. With the help of The Northeast Indiana Technology Coalition, the NEITC works with a number of local business and schools to host this competition. The competition revolves around several STEM competitions. What is STEM? STEM is a collection of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based curriculum all put together to help students get prepared for a career in a related field. Or sometimes just for fun.


What can (you/we/I) do?

We always welcome help and would be happy to have you and or your company join us. As far as the event goes it spans two days. The first being set up (Thursday*) and the second(Friday*); the actual event. The set up day has shifts, 2 hours shifts can be longer, that start at 8:00am and we usually finish up around 5:00-6:00 pm.

Friday is the event day and that is where the roles diversify the most. We have positions in traffic control, lunch staff, judging competitions, check-in/check-out, tear-down, and a number of odd jobs as well. If you do decide you would like to help, we will provide you with a lunch and t-shirt for free, yes for free! We had over 100 volunteers last year but we are growing every year so if you are at the least bit interested please apply and see what happens.


Sounds interesting?

Awesome! You’re in luck then. If you are an escpecially curious person and want to learn in depth about each individual event there will be two links below. One will take you to a general information page similar to a Frequently Asked Questions page, the other will take you to an in depth description of all the events. Oh wait there's a third!? If you all ready have been convinced to join the TechFest fam go ahead on over to the sign ups with the middle link.