Programming Challenge

Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Description: The goal of the contest is to solve problems by programming on computers. Points are earned for correct answers, with the most points awarded for solutions solved quickly with smart programming code.

Teams can solve the contest problems by any means necessary. The amount of data to process will be daunting for anyone without programming skills.

While any means can be used to solve the problems, good code will increase the points you earn.

Any programming language is allowed. Any hardware is allowed. Any and all reference materials are allowed. Asking for help is allowed.

Teams must bring their own development systems. Power outlets are limited, so top off your battery before the contest.

You will receive the Contest problems on a USB flash drive. You’ll return your output to the judges on a USB flash drive. Judges will return the flash drives after copying the submitted solutions. Teams may resubmit entries as often as necessary.

Format: Contest problem descriptions, problem inputs, and problem output are all text files.

Your submitted files may use lines separated by Windows conventions (CR LF, 0x0D 0xoA), Unix conventions (LF, 0xoA), or Mac conventions (CR, 0x0D).

The contest problem solutions will be judged by a script that compares the submitted output file to a reference output file. The standard UNIX command "DIFF -w -B" will do the actual comparison.

Human judges will examine your computer code. If your code is deemed worthy, you’ll get bonus points.

Tips: This is a presentation on game day tips and strategies: