Mathematical Madness

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Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Description: Each student team will solve mathematics based problems ranging from algebra to introductory calculus. This event has an overarching strategy based on which problems are solved and in what order they are solved to maximize the number of points possible to win the competition.

Format: The problems will be presented in a tree structure that must be solved in such a manner that at least one problem from each level (increasing in difficulty) must be solved before moving on to the next more difficult level. Once one problem is solved from each level the team may then go back and solve any other problems in effort to maximize their possible score. Each problem will be given the following information: 1.) Estimated time to complete, 2.) Level of Difficulty, 3.) Area of Mathematics that the problem has originated from, and 4.) Number of points for correct answer.

Given the information about the problems and problem tree, a team strategist will need to evaluate the problems and come up with a plan to maximize the number of points that the team can solve in the time allotted. Any assets (including laptops, cell phones, and the internet) may be used in effort to maximize score and answer the problems. This evaluation will be worth 10% of the total score (judged on how in-depth the team strategist planned the solving strategy of the team, a worksheet will be provided).