Keynote 2019

  • Derek Laliberte
  • Emerging Technology Aficionado - Aptera

Derek Laliberte was transplanted to Fort Wayne from the great state of Minnesota nearly 20 years ago by coincidence. Recruited to play college soccer in both South Carolina and Indiana, Derek ended up here by mistake. South Carolina was in fact his first choice, but in the 25th hour his wonderful mother eliminated the possibility; informing the coach he would not be enrolling that fall. Fort Wayne was his last resort. Throughout all the times of resentment, boredom, and failure, something miraculous happened over the next few years. Derek fell in love with Fort Wayne and settled down in the middle of a cornfield just inside Whitley County.

What happened? Derek would tell you that when he finally hit bottom, all he could do was look up. The city that he never wanted anything to do with, wanted everything to do with him. From that moment forward things started to change, and opportunities began to present themselves at speeds he couldn’t keep up with.

Opportunities like serving on multiple boards in and around Fort Wayne, leading a ministry, and taking on the challenge of changing the landscape of sales for the 100-person software development firm he works for downtown. As the Director of Brand Engagement for Aptera, Derek leans in on what he knows about brand, marketing, and sales to connect with clients in a completely new way. Derek is the host of a video series on emerging technology with over 100 episodes published.

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