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Below you'll find some basic info in regards to TechFest. As we are in between events, information is likely to change. So please check back in regularly to stay up to date!

When & Where?

Friday: November 16, 2018

Who's Attending

Any Northeast area High Schools are welcome!

Talk to your Teachers to find out if your School is already involved.

Media and other Guests are welcome too, please register accordingly HERE.

How much will it cost?

As a wonderful joint effort from a number of our local industry partners and sponsors TechFest 2018 will be free!

This means, provided you sign up by the beginning of October you will receive a lunch, t-shirt and swag at the event.

Schools are responsible for transporting students too and from the event.

How do I make a team?

First steps are to register your School, Teachers, and then Students. HERE

Next the teachers who register will be granted access to an account to assign the students to their respcective team/events. Login

Those of you who are first time teachers need to set up an account or if you need assistance. Contact Noah Miler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Events & Schedule?

In total we have 13 Events. 7 competitive and 6 informative. The 7 competitive events are team challenges meant to test a variety of STEM based skills (Math, Engineering, Problem Solving, Coding etc..).

The remaining 6 events are meant to teach the students about STEM in the real world through: Break Outs, College and Career Expo, and Interviews. You can check out all the events HERE

Scheduling: We designed TechFest to fit within the length of a school day to make transportation and attendance easier on schools farther away.

Example Schedule (may vary year to year): Download