Wow, look at all those things.

Below are links to the various event pages for TechFest. Some of the events will be sponsored by some of our lovely local industry partners, so feel free to check them out as well. If an event isn't sponsored, maybe that could be you or your company next year? Just think how cool it would be to see your company sponsoring students, to take up a career in a field you so passionately love. No pressure though.

For those of you interested in signing up for an event, the events listed as: 'MAP Events' don't require a team to attend. They are offered by our sponsors as a part of them coming to TechFest so please show them some love! Though do read up on these events as some will require you to either prepare or bring extra materials.

The 'CUP' events, however, will require you to be assigned by one of your teachers. Make sure you communicate with the Teacher from your School in charge of assigning you. Take special note students, on your registration. We ask if you would like to participate in the Extreme Interviews. Mark whether or not you would like a chance to get an interview with one of the sponsor companies.