So what is TechFest?

Back in 2010 a group of industry partners started an organization named: Northeastern Indiana Technology Coalition. Their initial goal was to gain interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based curriculum and retain local talent. There first step was creating TechFest, where the intent was to bring together high school student and local partners involved in STEM based career paths. The very first TechFest was a video game tournament. Then while they waited to compete they could meet and greet with the various partners about STEM career paths.

We eventually offered a challenge focused on the STEM curricula alongside the videogame tournament, and was a huge success. This is where the foundation for the TechFest we run today was founded. We quickly expanded our event into an all-day STEM based challenge competition. Where we started with a mere 50 student event has now grown into a 550 student’s competition.

Below are some great starting points to explore the Techfest website. If you are new don't feel constrained to just the pages you might need you're here to learn about the event so why not learn about everything?

We currently have been running 7 main events year to year. They follow themes based in Engineering, Science, Math, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Forensics, and Web Development. We are always pushing ourselves to improve the challenges every year and get more partners involved to help the students get the most out of the event. There are also a number of activities that go on throughout the course of the event. These activities include; a career expo with all out local partners, a mock interview process offered to students who want a taste of a professional interview, and Breakout sessions where our partners will give a short presentation on varying topics ranging from: paying for college, to how to get into coding.

Hopefully this sounds like something you or you r school would like to get involved in. Below a video made by one of our attending schools; Jay County wraps up the event quite nicely in their student made video.